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Logo Motion Graphics

Welcome to the new horizon in communications !
Animated logo creation, motion logo creation, 3D animation for logos, making company logos with motion graphic creation

What are motion graphics ?
Literally it is making graphic material mobile, making possible effects of light, distortion, translation, and transformation, with the possibility of 3D illusions in imaginary and fantastic spaces, and with the capability of managing sounds and music just like the movies we regularly watch, telling a story and transmitting a message on more than one level, from the visual to the emotive-emotional, and the aural.

Logo Motion Graphics specialist in French Riviera, Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Saint Tropez
Logo Motion Graphics is derived from that art form and consists of animating a logo, just like those of famous Hollywood movie companies ( Warner Bros, TriStar and many others ) used at the opening of all their films.
Production of Logo Motion Graphics can be bi-dimensional or tri-dimensional, and in the latter case is done in various steps through creation of the 3D logo and animation in Motion Graphics.
When we speak of motion graphics, we mean the movement of visual elements created by the elaboration of your logo, from its creation or video import, managed through procedures of computer graphics, 3D animation, and bi-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, making your logo a true work of art.
Your logo will be refreshed, more attractive, and your message will come over in a powerful way, striking the imagination of your present and future clientele.
Logo Motion Graphics for websites, animated logos for company video openings, or also simply to give a three-dimensional touch to your existing logo, can refresh your image and improve business.

Your company’s logo will represent you more than any other thing; with a small investment, you can pass into the realm of the new technologies and stand out from the herd.

Study and animation of logos in motion graphics for hotels, restaurants, businesses of all kinds, logo animation for web agencies, logos in 3D rendering for real-estate agencies, animated logos for company per videos, animated logos for movie companies, motion graphic logos for wedding videos….get tempted by three-dimensional animation ! Contact us >>


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